Reasons Why To Go Solar


4 - 10 Years ROI (Return On Investment)

4-10 year pay backs are now typical because of record low solar panel prices. An additional 26% Federal tax credit is available through 2020.  After the system pays itself back there is an additional 10% to 25% Annual ROI for the life of the system.  Typically 25 to 30 years.

Fixed Energy Cost

 With energy prices continuing to rise with no end in sight, a solar system provides security to those living on a fixed income. Rather than being subject to ever increasing rates, your investment protects you from these rising energy costs. And the more power prices rise, the faster you save. Once your system is paid off, you can live care free knowing your power needs are covered year after year.

Equity & Resale Value

 Solar panels provide a cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint, but do they add value to your home?
Yes, research indicates that solar panels increase home value. Your customers can feel great about going solar not only because they can save money on their energy costs, but also because of the value solar adds to their home.

  • Fannie Mae says that solar panels add value to your home, but only if you own the solar panels. (1)
  • In California, solar panels add $4 per watt installed (for the system size) to the value of your home. In other states, like Massachusetts, the value is $3 per watt installed. (2)      
    • e.g.  A 5kw system in CA: $4 x 5,000w = $20,000 value added
    • e.g.  A 5kw system in MA: $3 x 5,000w = $15,000 value added.
  • Homes with solar panels sell 20% faster than non-solar homes. (3) 

Property Tax Benefits

 While your solar system will clearly improve the equity of your property, your solar system is exempt from property tax increases. In other words the value of your system can NOT increase your local Property taxes.

Federal Tax Credit

Homeowners can deduct a full 26% of the total cost of the system from their Federal tax liability. That's right, it comes directly off what you owe the Federal government dollar for dollar. Federal tax credits can total $2,500 - $20,000! This non-refundable tax credit can be spread over several years, providing you with an excellent tax shelter. This has made solar more affordable than ever.

Commercial / Business Benefits

 Business owners: in addition to the 26% Federal tax credit, you can also take advantage of MARCS 5-year accelerated appreciation. It also provides valuable energy cost controls which is critical to many businesses in these competitive times. Additionally, with PG&E’s Time of Use metering being forced onto all business owners, solar provides a deterrent to sky-rocking bills by producing power when power is most costly.